Web Site Hosting and Administration

Keep your on-line business up and running!

Freedom Networking offers full-service web administration and hosting services. Including reliable web hosting using our leading data centers, administration of your own web servers, and analysis / consulting on e-commerce security.

Web Administration is one of the most important, but overlooked aspects, of having a solid online presence.  If you don't have a good Web Administrator keeping your Web Site running, you won't have a Web Site.  Administrators keep the Web servers up and running, make sure the hosting continues to work, the servers and network is performing well, and the servers and network is secure.

Security is probably the most important part of Web Administration.  If your Web server is not secure it can become a source for hackers to use to either attack your customers directly or turn it into a zombie sending out spam messages in every spare second or other even more malicious things.  Hackers use automated programs to probe all web sites for security holes everyday.  As new security vulnerabilities are found, they are quick to update their programs to try and exploit it.  Your web servers must be continually updated and protected.



Web Hosting and Administration